December 13, 2010

today I am studying for finals and pushing back what I once believed.

Here are some things I saw:

For my Mother’s christmas present I am going to make these lamps from recycled light bulbs:

For my Dad I am going to make these for his garden:

For Zora we are going to go geocatching and make a box to hid ourselves:


another beginning

December 11, 2007

Recently I have found that life is a series of new beginnings. Change is omnipotent and inescapable; denied only by the fearful who will be pushed over or hit by another’s train.

Yesterday the temperature dropped, and today it was cold. After surviving four days of this temperature drop in my city I will move back to another home. Another new beginning and leaving this city behind for more uncomfortable environment; school. Looking toward the future I know that this change is what my life needs or else I will be stuck here forever, in this mindset forever. Two and a half years ago when I first arrived had I had a glimpse into my future and seen where I am now my mind would have been shut up with disbelief. Today though, it is my choice that takes me back into my past, the city that for thirteen years I wanted nothing more then to escape. At least I made it for some time.

Looking back, although I do have some minor hold ups in my own actions, overall I have no regrets. This city has been one giant classroom of learning many lessons that could have otherwise passed me over. Mostly lessons of relationships with my fellow person; an entire city of strangers made familiar to my heart. Friends, lovers, bosses, co workers, teachers, classmates, they have all walked beside me, whispering advice verbally and also without a sound. Walking down the street I can find faces I know, histories that have past, some for the better, some for the worse, but always left with a new understanding on both ends of who we are. Someday we will all find out where we belong if not with eachother.

So when I leave this city and go back to my past, it won’t be the place I left behind. The familiar faces will be all new, because I am no longer that same shy girl from years ago. Today I walk, talk, think, breath, different. That old city will serve as a vessel to feel out and test this new person I am becoming.

But to you Austin, this is not goodbye. This is a thank you, and I will be seeing you soon.